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Tips for elderly people travelling abroad

A greater life expectancy, better health in old age and increasing affluence have given elderly people more time and opportunity to travel or visit...

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Is soda bad for your brain? (And is diet soda worse?)

  Both sugary, diet drinks correlated with accelerated brain ageing     Americans love sugar. Together they consumed nearly 11 million metric tons of it in 2016, according...

Making artificial blood for transfusions

    Blood transfusions can save the lives of patients who have suffered major blood loss, but hospitals don't always have enough or the right type...

Diabetes: Are you at high risk of kidney failure?

Researchers from Joslin Diabetes Center have developed a prognostic tool that accurately predicts the risk of end stage renal disease (ESRD) in patients with...

Understanding money reduces worry about old age :

  People who possess a greater understanding of finance are less likely to fret about life in their twilight years. It seems financial literacy -- the...


Air travel health tips

Make airplane travel safer and more comfortable. Here are some tips: *Carry enough of all of your medicines to last your whole trip in your...