Light therapy may boost men’s sexual desire



Researchers suhggest men with low sex drive may benefit from light therapy. – exposure to bright artificial light, often used to treat ‘seasonal affective disorder.’ It is estimated that up to one quarter of men have a low sexual  desire    due to anxiety, stress, depression and other psychological factors or reduction in the male sex hormone testosterone.

The study – recently presented at the European College of Neuropsychopharmacology  (ECNP) Congress in Vienna, Austria, found early morning exposure to bright light for  two  weeks increased men’s testosterone levels, enhancing their sexual satisfaction.

Study leader Prof. Andrea Fagiolini, of the Department of Mental Health at the University of Siena in Italy, told Medical News Today that the findings came as no surprise.

“As a matter of fact, we already knew that sexual function increases during spring and summer and hypothesized that this might well have to do with the exposure to light,” she said.

The team proposes a number of ways by which bright light exposure may increase testosterone levels. For example, it may block pineal gland activity in the brain, which can increase testosterone production, and it may also increase LH levels – as noted in previous research.

While further studies are warranted to better determine such mechanisms, Prof. Fagiolini and colleagues say their pilot study suggests light therapy may be a feasible nonpharmacological treatment approach for low sexual desire in men.

“We’re not yet at the stage where we can recommend this as a clinical treatment. However, if this treatment can be shown to work in a larger study, then light therapy may offer a way forward. It’s a small study, so for the moment we need to treat it with appropriate caution”  Fagiolini said. Source: Medical News Today


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