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Trial drug against novel coronavirus successful in mice

New York: A potential vaccine under trial against the deadly novel coronavirus was successful when tested in mice, raising hopes of its early commercial use.… Read more..

ArogyaSetu, how the coronavirus tracking app works

New Delhi: AarogyaSetu, a location-based coronavirus tracking app launched by the Government of India, enables public to asses themselves the risk of catching the deadly… Read more..

Covid-19: WHO backs debt relief to developing economies;lauds India

Geneva: The World Health Organisation (WHO) has exhorted governments to ensure life essentials for vulnerable sections while lauding India for its social welfare measures and… Read more..

Losing sleep in these uncertain times? Follow the tips

New York: It’s normal to experience anxiety and sleep problems in the middle of coronavirus pandemic as our brains respond to “dangers” by increasing vigilance… Read more..

Reputed healthcare institutions provide free tele-health consultation service

Kochi: At a time when states are implementing social distancing to contain the deadly Covid-19, many reputed healthcare institutions have launched free telemedicine facilities, allowing… Read more..

Corona fight: who all should undergo ‘rapid test’

Kochi: The south Indian state of Kerala, which first dealt with positive Covid-19 cases in the country, has initiated rapid testing to detect infected persons… Read more..

Too much salt weakens immune system

Berlin: It’s a known fact that a high salt diet results in rise in blood pressure. But, too much salt intake also weakens the body’s… Read more..

Covid-19: Indian Railways dons new role at hour of crisis

New Delhi: From rolling out hospital beds and medical trolleys to making Personal Protection Equipment such as masks and sanitizers, the Indian Railways is set… Read more..

UK native cured of Covid-19 using HIV drug

Kochi: A British national, administered with a combination of anti-HIV drugs by doctors at the Ernakulam Medical College in the south Indian state of Kerala,… Read more..

Social distancing keeps Covid-19 at bay; here’s the proof

Kochi: Countries like India are battling hard to prevent community spread of novel coronavirus infection and effected a complete lockdown to fight the deadly Covid-19.… Read more..

Pass the message: five steps to kick out coronavirus

Geneva: FIFA, the international governing body of football, and the World Health Organization (WHO) have teamed up to combat the coronavirus (COVID-19) by launching a… Read more..

Lost sense of smell may give clue about coronavirus infection

London: A loss of sense of smell could be one of the telltale signs of Covid-19, various doctor groups have suggested while exhorting such people… Read more..