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Drink Tea to Boost your Brain Function

SINGAPORE:Researchers have found that regular tea drinkers have better organised brain regions and this is associated with healthy cognitive function as compared to non-tea drinkers."Our… Read more..

Rare Abdominal Tumour in 7-month-old Baby Removed

KOLKATA:Doctors have successfully removed a rare abdominal tumour weighing 750 gms from the stomach of a seven-month-old baby from West Bengal.The baby suffered from a… Read more..

New Treatment Shows Promise to Cure Kidney Disease

NEW YORK:Researchers have found a potential treatment for polycystic kidney disease, a genetic disorder that causes the kidneys to swell with multiple cysts and can… Read more..

Researchers Find Key to Help Treat Different Cancers

NEW YORK:Scientists at Yale Cancer Center in the US have uncovered the workings of a metabolic pathway or "gauge" that lets cancer cells detect when… Read more..

New AI Detects Heart Failure with 100% Accuracy

LONDON:With the help of Artificial Intelligence(AI), researchers have developed a neural network approach that can accurately identify congestive heart failure with 100 per cent accuracy… Read more..

Kuwait - GoAir’s 4th Destination in the Gulf Opens for Bookings

MUMBAI:GoAir, India’s fastest growing airline, today opened bookings for the much awaited Kuwait-Kannur-Kuwait sector. Close on the heels of launching Abu Dhabi, Muscat and Dubai,… Read more..

Philippines Confirms First Swine Flu Case

MANILA:The Philippines government on Monday confirmed the first case of swine flu recorded in the country, the latest to be affected by a virus that… Read more..

Samsung Launches Solutions for Deaf-blind, Visually Impaired

NEW DELHI:South Korean tech giant Samsung on Monday introduced two new solutions -- Good Vibes and Relumino - that will provide the deaf-blind a strong… Read more..

Indian Men Prone to Lifestyle Diseases in their 30s

NEW DELHI:While men in India are prone to develop lifestyle diseases in their 30s, women tend to develop them a couple of decades later -… Read more..

PTSD Linked to Increased Risk of Ovarian Cancer

NEW YORK:Women who experienced six or more symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) at some point in life have a greater risk of developing ovarian… Read more..

WHO Urges Speedier Efforts to Eliminate Cervical cancer by 2030

NEW DELHI:The World Health Organization (WHO) on Friday urged South-East Asian countries to accelerate efforts to eliminate cervical cancer by 2030."Countries need to expand vaccination,… Read more..

Surgically Separated Craniopagus Twins Leave for Home

NEW DELHI:After two years and two months, Jagga and Baliya, the craniopagus twins, who were joined at the heads and later surgically separated at the… Read more..