WHO Urges Global Framework on Human Genome Editing

GENEVA:The World Health Organization (WHO) called for a strong international governance framework on developing global standards for governance and oversight of human genome editing.After a… Read more..

AI Can Make Eye Doctors more Effective: Google Research

WASHINGTON:Artificial intelligence (AI) can help eye doctors improve the accuracy of their diagnoses, according to a study from the Google AI research group which shows… Read more..

29 Medical Device Firms Found Violating Norms

NEW DELHI:The Central Drugs Standards Control Organisation (CDSCO) has decided to issue show cause notices to the 29 medical device units, which were found to… Read more..

Only 9% Indian Kids get Proper Nutrition: NITI Aayog

NEW DELHI:NITI Aayog Adviser Alok Kumar said only nine per cent of children in the age group 6 to 24 months receive adequate nutrition in… Read more..

Roche and Jothydev’s Centre of Excellence to Fight Diabetes in India

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM:Roche, a pioneer in innovative diabetes technologies, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Jothydev’s Diabetes Research Centre to develop a Centre of Excellence… Read more..

Infertility in Women Linked to Higher Cancer Risk

NEW YORK:Infertility is associated with a higher risk of developing cancer in women of childbearing age, say researchers including one of Indian-origin.The findings, published in… Read more..

Indians Feel Older Earlier than Japanese, Swiss

People living in India experience the health problems associated with ageing at an early stage than those living in Japan or Switzerland, according to a… Read more..

Apple Imparting Health Education to Supplier Workers in India

There has been a substantial gain in health education among the workers at the Apple supplier Wistron Corporation's manufacturing facility in India, the Cupertino-based iPhone… Read more..

Facebook, Instagram to Remove Vaccine Misinformation Content

SAN FRANCISCO:As part of their effort to reduce the spread of "vaccine hoaxes" on its platform, Facebook and its photo-messaging app Instagram will no longer… Read more..

Overweight People have Better Chances of Survival from Stroke

NEW YORK:While obesity has known to be a key risk factor in many diseases, a new study suggests having some extra body fat may be… Read more..

Sex Education Before College Lowers Risk of Sexual Assault

WASHINGTON DC:Children should be exposed to sexuality education as a recent research found that students who receive sexuality education, including refusal skills training, before college… Read more..

Polluted Air Kills Around 6 Lakh Children Every Year: UN

Air pollution, both outside and inside home, is a silent and invisible prolific killer responsible for premature death of 7 million people each year, including… Read more..