Burnout Making Doctors Prescribe Wrong Medicines

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An Aspirin a Day of No Benefit for Fit and Healthy Elderly

Every morning, millions of elderly people without a medical reason take a low dose of aspirin. They have been doing this in the hope of… Read more..

Environmental Pollutants Could Weaken your Kidneys

WASHINGTON:Certain environmental pollutants, according to a study, may be the reason for deteriorating kidney health in individuals.Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are a large group… Read more..

2016 Kidney Racket Fallout: Organ Transplants Drop by 50% in Pune

PUNE:Organ transplants in Pune have dropped by more than 50 per cent in the last three years in Pune, one of the prime reasons being… Read more..

Rising Global Temperatures Likely to Up Heat-related Deaths

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Health Ministry Bans 328 Controversial FDC Drugs with Immediate Effect

NEW DELHI:The ministry of health and family welfare has prohibited the manufacture for sale, sale or distribution for human use of 328 fixed dose combinations… Read more..

Back Pain Linked to Risky Behaviours in Teenagers says Study

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Dengue - A Continuing Global Threat

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Crackdown on Illegal Sale of Oxytocin in Delhi, Some Samples Seized

NEW DELHI:Central and Delhi state drug regulators carried out joint surprise checks to search for any unauthorised sale and distribution of oxytocin, the cuddle hormone… Read more..

Indian Doctor Barred from UK Practice After Cancer Patient’s Death in Mumbai Hospital

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You Are Eating Plastic in Salt, Finds IIT Bombay Study

MUMBAI:An IIT study has found presence of microplastics in several table salt brands in the country. Conducted by a two-member team from the Indian Institute… Read more..

Sleeping for Six to Eight Hours Best for the Heart

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