Google AI can Better Predict Lung Cancer

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Heart Attacks More Severe in Morning Than Night

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Patients with Schizophrenia, Epilepsy Die Before 50 Years

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US Judge Orders FDA to Speed up Review of e-cigarettes

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India Had World’s Highest Child Mortality Rate in 2015

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A Common Class of Antibiotics May Increase Nerve Damage Risk

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Chewing Gum Additive Linked to Colorectal Cancer

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70% Moms In India Use Smartphone For Parenting

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Global Obesity Rising Faster in Rural Areas than Cities

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Stress in Early Life May Lead to Depression

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Arsenic in Drinking Water may Change Heart Structure, says Study

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Diabetes Patients need to Manage Risks while Fasting during Ramzan, say Experts

NEW DELHI:Ramzan, the month of fasting in Islam, began Tuesday and health experts have warned those with diabetes to manage risks while fasting as it… Read more..