Mother''s Prayers Bring ''Dead'' Son to Life

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Man's Heart Resumes Functioning 18 months After Artificial Implant Surgery

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Tata Trusts Searches for Innovations to Eliminate Malaria

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Quitting Alcohol Good for your Mental Health

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Stem Cell Stimulation may Improve Stroke Treatment

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Facebook to Reduce Misleading Health Claims in News Feed

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Third-hand Smoke Can Damage One's Respiratory System

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Some Medtronic Insulin Pumps May Pose Cybersecurity Risk

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Working on Long Term Plan to Deal with AES: Govt

NEW DELHI:The government is working on a long term plan to deal with the Acute Encephalitis Syndrome (AES) which has left over 100 children dead… Read more..

Suppliers Stop Drug Delivery to BMC Hospitals

MUMBAI:Civic-run hospitals in Mumbai might face shortage of medicines from Thursday with suppliers suspending drug supply to protest blacklisting of their colleague since Tuesday.The Brihanmumbai… Read more..

Women's Agricultural Labour Cause of Malnutrition in Rural India

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SCTIMST-MPI Joint Venture to Produce Animal Tissue for Medical Devices

THIRUVANANTHAPIURAM:The first collection of  animal tissue for medical use from the 'GMP Tissue Harvesting facility for Medical Devices' established at Meat Products of India (MPI)… Read more..