ICMR Launches Vaccine Trial to Prevent TB Among Close Contacts of Patient

NEW DELHI:The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) on Monday launched a vaccine trial to prevent occurrence of tuberculosis (TB) among people present close to… Read more..

KIMS Secunderabad Completes 1,000 Kidney Transplants

HYDERABAD:Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences (KIMS) Hospitals, Secunderabad on Sunday claimed to have achieved a rare feat by successfully completing 1,000 kidney transplant surgeries.The hospital… Read more..

Cancer Causing Bacteria Gains Antibiotic Resistance, find Scientists

MANIPAL:A study by the Kasturba Medical College and tertiary care hospital said to be first of its kind from Karnataka has found that Helicobacter pylori,… Read more..

‘Point of Care’ Devices are the New Trend in Diagnosis and Treatment

A contemporary health system relies on the contribution of human resources and health technologies. Medical devices, one aspect of health technologies, equip health care providers… Read more..

New Technique Developed to Detect Autism in Children

Researchers have developed a new technique to help doctors more quickly and accurately detect autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in children.In a study led by the… Read more..

New High BP Guidelines may Increase Gestational Hypertension Detection

WASHINGTON:New high blood pressure guidelines could increase detection of gestational hypertension, finds a new study.The clinical guidelines for hypertension were released by the American College… Read more..

Pioneering Aussie Surgery Restores Hand, Arm Movement in Paralyzed Patients

SYDNEY:Surgeons in the Australian city of Melbourne have successfully restored arm and hand movement in 13 patients with tetraplegia, paralysis of both upper and lower… Read more..

Complex Surgery Saves Life of Man with Hugely-swollen Artery

NEW DELHI:A team of doctors at the Sir Ganga Ram Hospital here have successfully performed a complex and high-risk surgery to save the life of… Read more..

This Wrist Band Can Help You Monitor Emotions

LONDON:You may have used a wrist band that tracks your steps, but a new generation of smart wearables might help you monitor emotions which can… Read more..

Saince Launches App Connecting Patients, Physicians

HYDERABAD:Saince, a US-based leading healthcare software solutions company, on Friday introduced ''Qural'', a free-to-subscribe, comprehensive healthcare mobile and desktop application to aid patients, physicians, pharmacies… Read more..

''India to Witness Dramatic Improvement in Knee, Hip Surgeries''

NEW DELHI:With the fast adoption of robot-assisted surgeries, orthopaedic surgeries have come of age globally and India is at the threshold of witnessing a dramatic… Read more..

AI-enabled Tool Developed to Detect Heart Attacks

NEW YORK:Researchers have developed an Artificial Intelligence-enabled tool which uses Machine Learning (ML) algorithms that will soon play a critical role in predicting heart attacks… Read more..