World Health

Alcohol Abuse Caused 3 Million Deaths in 2016 – and Most Were Men: WHO

More than three-quarters of these deaths were among men, the U.N. health agency said. And despite evidence of the health risks it carries, global consumption… Read more..

Make Lifestyle Changes to Reduce Blood Pressure Medications

WASHINGTON:Patients with high blood pressure problems can reduce the need for antihypertensive medications within 16 weeks with the help of some lifestyle changes, according to… Read more..

Happy Older People Live Longer

Happy older people live longer, according to researchers at Duke-NUS Medical School in Singapore. In a study published today in Age and Ageing, the scientific… Read more..

Half the World’s Schools Lack Clean Water, Toilets and Handwashing

Nearly half the world’s schools lack clean drinking water, toilets and handwashing facilities, putting millions of children at risk of disease, experts warned.Almost 900 million… Read more..

Dehydration Can Affect Your Brain, Make it Tough to Perform Simple Tasks

According to a recent study, dehydration alters the human brain shape and activity and even slackens task performance. A Georgia Institute of Technology study suggests… Read more..

Depression in Children, Treating it Can Help Improve Parent’s Mental Health

The bond between parent and child extends far beyond sharing similar looks or behaviours as a new study suggests that treating depression in teenagers may… Read more..

SC Imposes Rs 2-Crore Cost on Telangana Medical College for Fraud, Deception

NEW DELHI:The Supreme Court has imposed an “exemplary cost” of Rs 2 crore on the Telangana-based Mahavir Institute of Medical Science while holding it guilty… Read more..

Smartphone Use for Prolonged Period Can Impact Teen Memory

Exposure to radiation from smartphones can impact memory in teenage children, says a new study done by Swiss researchers.The findings show that exposure to radio… Read more..

Dehydration Can Lower Cognitive Abilities

WASHINGTON:Just two hours of vigorous work in the summer sun without drinking fluids could be enough to blunt concentration, say scientists who found that cognitive… Read more..

Women Can Lower Their Risk of Hearing Loss by Following a Healthy Diet

It is reported that at least 48 million Americans suffer from hearing loss. However, according to a study, diet may have an influence on the… Read more..

Antimicrobial Drug Resistance Causing Death of Newborns

Antimicrobial drug resistance is increasingly causing more deaths of newborn children, particularly in developing countries like India, according to various studies. In order to gather… Read more..

Oil of Oregano Kills Pathogens Safely and Effectively

Oregano has an uncanny ability to salvage even the dullest-tasting pasta sauces, but did you know that it can also save your life? Studies have… Read more..