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Covid-19: WHO backs debt relief to developing economies;lauds India

Geneva: The World Health Organisation (WHO) has exhorted governments to ensure life essentials for vulnerable sections while lauding India for its social welfare measures and… Read more..

Corona fight: who all should undergo ‘rapid test’

Kochi: The south Indian state of Kerala, which first dealt with positive Covid-19 cases in the country, has initiated rapid testing to detect infected persons… Read more..

Social distancing keeps Covid-19 at bay; here’s the proof

Kochi: Countries like India are battling hard to prevent community spread of novel coronavirus infection and effected a complete lockdown to fight the deadly Covid-19.… Read more..

Pass the message: five steps to kick out coronavirus

Geneva: FIFA, the international governing body of football, and the World Health Organization (WHO) have teamed up to combat the coronavirus (COVID-19) by launching a… Read more..

‘Novel coronavirus a product of natural evolution’

New York: Ever since the novel coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan province of China in December, rumour mills were running overtime with conspiracy theories of a… Read more..

Coronavirus stable for hours to days in external sources, says study

New York: How long can the new novel coronavirus sustain on external sources? A new study has found the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2… Read more..

First human trial of coronavirus vaccine starts in US

New York: The first human trial to test effectiveness of a vaccine being developed against the new coronavirus has started in the US. Four volunteers… Read more..

Celebrities who tested positive for coronavirus

New York: As the coronavirus cases continued to surge globally, some of the well-known celebrities too have contracted the disease. Actor Tom Hanks (63) and… Read more..

COVID-19 may start showing symptoms in just five days!

New York: The average incubation period, from the point of infection to onset of symptoms, for the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is 5.1 days, a new… Read more..

Alexa Beats Siri on Emergency Info, First Aid Advice

TORONTO:While most virtual assistants do not yet live up to their considerable potential when it comes to providing users with relevant information on medical emergencies,… Read more..

Obesity Causes Diabetes in Women, Kidney Disease in Men

LONDON:Obesity poses a higher risk of type 2 diabetes in women, and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and chronic kidney disease in men, said a… Read more..

PTSD Linked to Increased Risk of Ovarian Cancer

NEW YORK:Women who experienced six or more symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) at some point in life have a greater risk of developing ovarian… Read more..