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Inflammatory Bowel Disease ups Prostate Cancer Risk: Study

Men with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) are four to five times at higher risk of being diagnosed with prostate cancer, according to researchers including one… Read more..

World Disability Day 2018 Focuses On Equal Opportunities And Inclusiveness

December 3 is observed as International Day of Persons with Disabilities or World Disability Day. Commemoration of this day was done by United Nations General… Read more..

WHO and Partners Launch New Country-led Response for Malaria

In order to scale up prevention and treatment, and increased investment, to protect vulnerable people from Malaria, WHO and partners are joining a new country-led… Read more..

For a Good Heart Health, Strength Training is Better than Aerobics: Study

While it is popularly believed that aerobic exercises might be better for the heart than lifting weights or strength training, a new study featured in… Read more..

33000 People Die Every Year due to Infections with Antibiotic-resistant Bacteria

An ECDC study estimates the burden of five types of infections caused by antibiotic-resistant bacteria of public health concern in the European Union and in… Read more..

How to Deal and Manage Diabetes Better

World Diabetes Day 2018 was observed on November 14. This day is undoubtedly one of the biggest health events of the year, with the condition… Read more..

Major Traumatic Injury Increases Risk of Mental Health Diagnoses

People who experience major injuries requiring hospital admission, such as car crashes and falls, are at substantially increased risk of being admitted to hospital for… Read more..

Seven in 8 Children's Tonsillectomies are Unnecessary

A new study by the University of Birmingham has found that seven in every eight children who have their tonsils removed are unlikely to benefit… Read more..

Preeti Sudan Stresses Need for More WHO Accredited Labs

MUMBAI:During her inaugural address at the 6th WHO Bi-annual Inter-regional Seminar for Quality Control Laboratories (QCLs) involved in WHO Pre-Qualification, Union health secretary Preeti Sudan… Read more..

Air Pollution Kills 600,000 Children Each Year: WHO

Exposure to toxic air both indoors and out kills some 600,000 children under the age of 15 each year, the World Health Organization warned.Data from… Read more..

Why is it Important to Breathe Through Nose?

WASHINGTON:Did you know! Nose breathing could enhance memory consolidation, according to a study. The research has been published in the Journal of Neuroscience.The findings add… Read more..

Heart Patients Should Take Walk Breaks Every 20 Minutes: Study

TORONTO:Heart patients should engage in light physical activities such as standing up or walking at casual pace for about seven minutes after every 20 minutes… Read more..