‘Heal by India’ may join ‘Heal in India’ on Aug 15

‘Heal by India’ may join ‘Heal in India’ on Aug 15

Kochi, July 30: The India Government which is proposing to launch the Heal India campaign to promote medical value tourism by launching a portal by Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself on the next August 15, is coming out with another initiative which is billed ‘Heal by India’

Under the program, another portal will be launched to enable Indian healthcare professionals to move to foreign countries to provide care and pursue their professional goals.

The health ministry has identified 42 healthcare services eligible to use the portal and apply for work abroad. Healthcare professionals can upload their achievements and resumes on the portal mentioning their preferred destinations.

If the profile is selected and the job or treatment opportunity is offered from overseas, the Ministry of External Affairs intimates the person about all the details via the portal. With this initiative, the Government hopes to increase foreign remittances to the country especially when it has been identified that Indian healthcare workers are in huge demand outside the country.

The Central Government is planning to ease medical visa conditions and upgrade health infrastructure in the top 17 cities in the country to attract medical tourists to the country under the ‘Heal in India’ program, the website of which also is expected to be launched on August 15.

The launch of the initiatives will find the involvement of 50 stakeholders, and a series of presentations in 36 hours.



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