A unique drone to combat Covid-19 spread

A unique drone to combat Covid-19 spread

 Kochi: A startup based in the south Indian state of Kerala has developed a drone supported with artificial intelligence (AI) that can help combat Covid-19 by monitoring body temperature, supplying essential commodities and spraying disinfectants.

 The unmanned ‘Garud’ is designed and engineered by AI Aerial Dynamics at the Maker Village, Kochi, which is India’s largest electronic hardware incubator and ESDM facility. The integrated solution was developed fully leveraging globally-benchmarked labs and equipment besides product development software solutions available at the Maker Village.

 The indigenously-made drone is highly efficient and effective than most others in terms of applicable payload and customization options, officials claimed.

 The aerial vehicle can collect thermal data by using an array of IR sensors and advanced digital technology called EDGE (Enhanced Data rates for GSM Evolution), thus working as a means to combat the pandemic.

 The vehicle can collect swabs and samples of people for Covid-19 test. It has the capacity to carry weight up to 60 kg, thus facilitating distribution of even essential commodities if there is an exigency.

 Further, Garud can feature a modern sprayer which can be used to shower disinfectants from above. It has also a loudspeaker for public announcements, according to AI Aerial Dynamics founder-CEO Vishnu V Nath.

 “Besides the AI-supported engine, the fully-automated Garud has a high-resolution camera, a facility to carry weight, a micro-sprayer and thermal scanner. The visuals it generates can zoom into specifics with centimeter-level accuracy. The images it captures will be simultaneously saved in the operating unit on the ground,” Nath said. “If the vehicle loses range or exhausts battery (capacity: 150 minutes), it will fly down to the point of take-off.”

 Garud can also monitor roads, by-lanes, residential pockets and aerodromes that have been locked down across the country since March 25 in an effort to contain the coronavirus spread. Already the cops in the country have deployed drones to ensure the efficacy of the shutdown.

 The 2016-founded Maker Village is a joint initiative of Union Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology and the Government of Kerala with IIITM-K in Thiruvananthapuram as the nodal agency. IA Aerial Dynamics is also developing drones for the NPOL lab of DRDO and other defence establishments.



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