Arab medical tourists spend US$ 30 billion: ATO chief

Arab medical tourists spend US$ 30 billion: ATO chief

Jeddah, July 21: The Arab Tourism Organization (ATO) estimates the revenues from medical tourism throughout the world at nearly $100 billion annually which will hit $200 billion over the next ten years.

Dr. Bandar Al Fihaid, President of ATO said on Wednesday (July 20) that Arab medical tourists’ expenditure amounts to nearly $30 billion, which is 30 percent of the current medical tourism global revenue.  He said that medical tourism will have greater importance in the Arab region vis-à-vis economy and investments.

Speaking on the eve of the 7th World Medical Tourism Summit scheduled at Amman, Jordan, from 23 - 24 July, 2022, Dr. Al Fihaid said more than 60 experts and specialists in the field of medical and recovery tourism representing 20 Arab and world countries will take part in the event.

Al-Fihaid cited examples of Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Tunisia which have long-term plans to set the foundations for medical and recovery tourism. 

Highlighting the fundamentals of such kind of tourism, he said the natural fundamentals including mineral-rich hot fountains and sea water are available in the Arab world apart from advanced medical centers with skilled personnel.



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