Break The Chain ‘mantra’ to contain virus spread

Break The Chain ‘mantra’ to contain virus spread

Kochi: With the battle against novel coronavirus entering a decisive phase, the South Indian state of Kerala has initiated an innovative ‘Break The Chain’ campaign to contain the spread of COVID-19.

“The aim of the two week campaign is to stop the disease spreading from one person to another. We need to follow personal hygiene as a healthy habit and wash our hands whenever we are in public contact. By doing so, we will be able to break the chain of virus infection,” said Health Minister K K Shailaja.

The programme involves setting up of ‘Break the Chain’ kiosk/booth at entrances of public institutions, schools, colleges, bus-stands and railway stations among others. The booths should have soap, lotion and sanitizers so that visitors or public can wash their hands and then dry them using sanitizers which results in killing of the virus, if any.

The health authorities called on Local Self Government institutions, residential complexes and others to take up the massive campaign as the state aims to contain societal spread of the virus. Ultimately, the campaign aims to make every individual stick to hygiene practise.

So far those affected with virus infection in the state are either those who returned from COVID-19 affected countries or people who came in direct contact with them. The South Indian state, which so far reported 22 positive cases, have managed to avoid mass spread of the disease till now.

An analysis of the virus spread in countries like Italy, Iran and Spain reveal that the virus outbreak got out of hand in third and fourth weeks of first reporting of the cases. For instance in Italy, there were three cases in first week and 152 in second week, while the numbers surged to 1036 in third, 6362 in fourth and 21157 in fifth week there.

The total number of affected in India has touched 110 while there were two deaths so far.



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