CUSAT Alumni Develops New Drug for Thyroid Cancer

CUSAT Alumni Develops New Drug for Thyroid Cancer


CUSAT alumni Dr M.K. Suresh Kumar and team has developed a more effective medicine for thyroid cancer with comparatively fewer side effects.

Dr Suresh Kumar completed his M.Sc in Biotechnology and took his Ph.D from the CUSAT Department of Biotechnology. Experiments of the drug in humans are underway after completing the initial stages successfully. Dr Electro Kebub of Stanford University is his co-scientist in the mission.

“Suresh Kumar has been a research enthusiast and a hard worker since his Master's degree level”, said his teacher, Dr. M.Chandrasekharan, presently Adjunct Faculty of CUSAT Biotechnology department. Dr. Chandrasekharan added that many alumni of CUSAT are working in top positions research institutes and other institutions abroad, in the field of biotechnology. Dr M.K. Suresh Kumar shared that the facilities and faculty especially Dr Chandrasekharan and other teachers of CUSAT have played a crucial role in developing his research interests. Dr Suresh completed his postdoctoral training in Molecular Biology from Tuff and Indiana Universities in USA. He is currently working as a Senior Staff Scientist at the National Cancer Institute in the United States.



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