Carbon Dioxide Can Reduce Belly Fat

Carbon Dioxide Can Reduce Belly Fat

Carboxytherapy, a technique of injecting carbon dioxide gas into one's body, can reduce fat around the stomach.
According to the Northwestern Medicine study, the changes were modest and did not result in a long-term fat reduction.
"Carboxytherapy could potentially be a new and effective means of fat reduction. It still needs to be optimised, though, so it's long-lasting," said lead author, Dr Murad Alam.
Benefits of this non-invasive approach are diminished downtime, avoidance of scarring and perceived safety.
Carboxytherapy has been performed with a few clinical studies, suggesting it may provide a lasting improvement in abdominal contours. It is believed that injection of carbon dioxide causes changes in the microcirculation, and damages fat cells.
Current technologies routinely used for this non-invasive fat reduction include cryolipolysis, high-intensity ultrasound, radiofrequency, chemical adipocytolysis and laser-assisted fat reduction.
The findings are published in Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology.(ANI)



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