Conference on Infertility Clinical Embryology & Endoscopy from Aug 2 to 4

Conference on Infertility Clinical Embryology & Endoscopy from Aug 2 to 4

Fertility Society of India will conduct the first International Conference on Infertility Clinical Embryology & Endoscopy  (ICE 2019) at ITC Grand Chola, Guindy, Chennai from August 2 to 4.

The theme of the conference is “Exploring the Novel Research & Techniques in Reproductive medicine”, and the event is assured to bring forth the most recent technologies to tackle the various challenges encountered in the field of Assisted Reproductive Techniques. ICE 2019 aims to meet a great number of participants from all over the globe in the connected topics to speak and discuss the current challenges, controversies, advancements and the future perspectives in the field of reproductive medicine.

It will be a good opportunity to modernize the relevant research information, their clinical applications and interactive moments which will clarify the indecisions. This meeting will have a thrilling, cutting-edge Technics with a high profile, scientific international and national speakers, with a wide range of synchronized sessions focusing on specialist areas in IVF, Embryology and reproductive biology.

The conference will have sessions on The next generation of embryo aneuploidy testing: to biopsy or not to biopsy, Carrier screening programs and its impact on PGT-A, Genetic screening for PGD, Cleavage stage biopsy and Tubing, Blastocyst embryo biopsy and Tubing, Infertility is on the rise, isn’t it ?, Optimization of IUI Outcomes, Ovulation Induction; Ovarian stimulation; optimization of ART outcomes, Woman with ovarian insufficiency, Optimizing PCOS prior to Ovulation induction, Predictors of ovarian response - individualization matters, Prevention of premature leutinization in IVF stimulation protocols, GnRH analogues in ART-Current updates and newer IVF stimulation protocols and HMG / Recombinant FSH / HMG HP / Recombinant LH - Drug and dose decisions.

Fertility Society of India (FSI) is a non-governmental organization established to connect the professionals, embryologists and all other people involved in fertility treatment and reproductive medicine. FSI focused on knowledge sharing and sharpening the skills by organizing conferences, seminars, CME programs, training programs and workshops.

The thrust of FSI is training and mentoring of young people who are specializing in the field of ART. As a multifaceted organization, the aim of FSI is to consistently provide high level of academics, fellowship and social work with its leadership and support of members.

FSI strives to advance training and education, promote high standards of practice and provide information support and a global community. FSI holds a Scientific Meeting attracting experts in reproductive health from around the world to present research and discuss new technologies and treatments.



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