Covid-19 fight: what individuals should do at home

Covid-19 fight: what individuals should do at home

The deadly Covid-19 is assuming large proportions with each passing day in countries like India, making self-quarantine by every individual the need of the hour to contain its spread.

As life is changing dramatically for people, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has come out with a guideline to help individuals get physically and mentally prepared at home, which will not only benefit them in the long run but also fight the virus in the event of them contracting it.

Eat a health and nutritious diet, which helps your immune system to function properly. Limit your alcohol consumption and avoid sugary drinks. Don’t smoke. Smoking can increase your risk of developing severe disease if you become infected with Covid-19.

The WHO also recommended 30 minutes of physical activity for adults, and one hour a day for children.

“If your local or national guidelines allow it, go outside for a walk, a run or a ride, and keep a safe distance from others. If you can’t leave the house, find an exercise video online, dance to music, do some yoga, or walk up and down the stairs,” said WHO Director General Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.

If you’re working at home, make sure you don’t sit in the same position for long periods. Get up and take a 3-minute break every 30 minutes

“...look after your mental health. It’s normal to feel stressed, confused and scared during a crisis. Talking to people you know and trust can help. Supporting other people in your community can help you as much as it does them. Check in on neighbours, family and friends. Compassion is a medicine,” he added.

Other activities to relax include listening to music, reading book or playing indoor games. Avoid reading or watching too much news if the same makes you anxious, Instead, get information from reliable sources once or twice a day.

To increase access to reliable information, WHO has worked with WhatsApp and Facebook to launch a new WHO Health Alert messaging service. The Health Alert service is now available in English and will be introduced in other languages next week. To access it, send the word "hi" to the WhatsApp number: +41 798 931 892.

Covid-19 has so far infected more than 2,10,000 and claimed over 9000 lives across the globe.



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