Dental crown stuck in Man’s lungs removed

Dental crown stuck in Man’s lungs removed

Kochi: Never in his wildest dreams did Vinoj, a native of Ernakulam in the South Indian state of Kerala, think a small dental crown would pose a threat to his life.

The 43-year old had undergone a root canal procedure nearly six months ago. However, the dental crown put over a damaged tooth got stuck in his lungs after he accidentally swallowed it. Months later, it had landed him in a hospital bed in a serious condition. However, his life was finally saved when the crown was removed by a medical team led by Dr Praveen Valsalan K, Lead Consultant, Pulmonary Medicine, Aster Medcity, Kochi.

A few days after he underwent a root canal procedure, Vinoj, a resident of Kongorpilly, noticed that the dental crown was missing. He consulted his dentist again but finally reached the conclusion that the crown was lost while brushing. However, a few days later, he started developing recurrent episodes of cough and breathing difficulty, for which he consulted multiple doctors for the next six months without any success.

Soon, he developed pneumonia and went to a nearby hospital. However, his condition deteriorated and was admitted to the pulmonary medicine department at the Aster Medcity. It was found in detailed examination that the cough and breathing difficulties were caused by phlegm accumulated in the lungs and pneumonia.

“While examining the CT scan report, we developed suspicion of the presence of a foreign body in the patient’s lungs. It was confirmed with endoscopy. The phlegm and pneumonia were caused by the foreign body stuck in the lungs. The foreign body, a dental crown, was immediately removed using bronchoscopy,” said Dr Pravin. He added it would have been a serious threat to the man’s life had the foreign object not removed on time.

The patient recovered well following the procedure and was discharged.



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