Dr. Philip Augustine is CEO of PVS Memorial Hospital, Kochi

Dr. Philip Augustine is CEO of PVS Memorial Hospital, Kochi

World renowned gastroenterologist Dr Philip Augustine has joined PVS Memorial Hospital, Kochi as CEO of the health facility. He was director of Lakeshore Hospital Kochi until recently.  An authority on matters related to gastroenterology. Dr Augustine’s contributions in the healthcare sector are well recogonised globally.  His research findings of certain rare diseases  in the world while working at the Koothattukulam Deva Matha Hospital are milestones in the medical research field.  He  along with some like-minded leaders in the medical field  set up Lakeshore Hospital in Kochi in 2005. He  along with his team  led lakeshore to the forefront of health service providers in the country in a short span of time, spreading its name across the country and abroad for reliable medical services.

It’s no wonder that many national and international gastroenterologists come to Dr. Augustine for advanced training in gastrointestinal endoscopy as his knowledge  in advanced therapeutic endoscopic procedures is undisputed.   He   has been in the forefront in  promoting medical tourism in Kerala.   He  had also served as  chairman of the healthcare sub-committee of the Confederation of Indian Industry (Kerala).

The nation honoured Dr. Philip Augustine with the prestigious  civilian award Padma Shri for his contribution to clinical and medical research.



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