HMT comes up with disinfection walkways

HMT comes up with disinfection walkways

The threat being posed by Covid-19 will last for some time even after the governments manage to flatten the curve. This calls for novel measures to fight the pandemic. The HMT Machine Tools Ltd, a public service undertaking, has collaborated with Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute for Medical Sciences and Technology, a reputed medical research institution in the south Indian state of Kerala, to develop disinfection walkways to help people get sanitized in 40 seconds.

“The ‘HMT UV-D Gate’ is meant for decontamination of people, one at a time, in public places such as hospitals, markets and workplaces. The unit will help reduce the microbial/virus load that a person may carry through his body, clothing and bags,” said a spokesperson of HMT Machine Tools Ltd, Kalamassery.

The unit works on a dual mode operation using disinfectants hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) and ultra violet (UV) rays. Hydrogen peroxide fumigation process is employed to reduce the virus load from a person’s body surfaces, clothing and bags. The UV rays are employed to reduce the virus load from the chamber itself, when it’s unoccupied (i.e. after a person exits through the HMT UV-D Gate).

The entire process is electronically controlled. The sensors mounted in the chamber detect the entry of a person and starts the fumigation process. A person is required to stay in the chamber for 15 seconds to complete the disinfection. When he/she exits, the system will shut off the fumigation and will turn on UV light to decontaminate the chamber. The UV light is switched off automatically within a prescribed time and the chamber is ready for next person. The cycle will take 40 seconds to complete the process.

The ‘HMT’s UV-D Gate’ incorporates unique features like fumigation instead of spray, three to four log reduction in microbial load, UV based dual mode operation for disinfection & decontamination, fully automatic system and Optimized dry atomization mechanism.

“We’re aiming to install the same at public places like the Kalamassery Medical College. We ‘ve sought permission from concerned authorities for this,” the official said.



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