Lost sense of smell may give clue about coronavirus infection

Lost sense of smell may give clue about coronavirus infection

London: A loss of sense of smell could be one of the telltale signs of Covid-19, various doctor groups have suggested while exhorting such people to isolate themselves for at least seven days even without any other symptoms.

“We really want to raise awareness that this is a sign of infection and that anyone who develops loss of sense of smell should self-isolate,” Prof. Claire Hopkins, President of the British Rhinological Society, was quoted as saying by The New York Times.

Hopkins and Nirmal Kumar, president of ENT UK, issued a joint statement urging health care workers to use personal protective equipment while treating any patients who have lost their senses of smell. They also advised against performing nonessential sinus endoscopy procedures since the virus replicates in the nose and the throat and an exam can prompt coughs or sneezes that expose the doctors.

Two ENT specialists in Britain have already been contracted with the infection, Dr. Hopkins said. Earlier reports from Wuhan, China, the epicenter, had warned that ear, nose and throat specialists as well as eye doctors were infected and dying in large numbers, she added.

Meanwhile, the American Academy of Otolaryngology also come out with a similar finding. The counting anecdotal evidence indicates that lost or reduced sense of smell and loss of taste are significant symptoms associated with Covid-19, and that they have been seen in patients who ultimately tested positive for the virus with no other symptoms, a post on its website said.



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