MVR Cancon 2019 at Kozhikode on August 30 to Sept 1

MVR Cancon 2019 at Kozhikode on August 30 to Sept 1

MVR Cancon 2019 (Consensus and Controversies in Oncology) being organised by MVR Cancer Centre & Research Institute, Kozhikode, will be held on August 30 to September 1, 2019.
MVR Cancon will focus on the metastatic lesion as a unique entity operating in concert with a complex local and systemic environment that influences disease aggressiveness and, ultimately, patient survival. Multiple aspects of tumour metastasis and metastatic disease will be addressed through presentations from scientific experts. The conference will cover the latest findings on tumor evolution, the metastatic micro-environment, imaging, metastatic signatures, dormancy, and potential agents for therapy and prevention with an aim for detection & control of both micro-metastases as well as late-stage metastatic and chemoresistant cancers.

Metastasis, often considered an inefficient process, where a malignant tumor cell seeds into a congenial soil, is considered the ultimate expression of cellular anarchy. Increased understanding of the process of metastatic cascade has offered more insights into cancer stem cells, the effect of micro environment, the immune surveillance process etc. and these inputs from cancer biology are helping us to treat the metastatic disease better.

Aggressive Surgical and Radiation modalities have led to the description of a new paradigm of oligo metastasis where at times questions are asked about actually curing metastatic disease rather than just converting them to a chronic manageable disease. Despite all these, in the real world, Metastasis still account for 90% of cancer deaths and the socio economic burden in a society like India is often challenging.

It is in this scenario MVRCCRI has decided to bring together all the stake holders interested in the various aspect of metastatic disease under one umbrella in CANCON 2019. In addition to the main aspects of the meeting, it is also planned to have a series of dedicated round table of leading experts who will brain storm regarding the various vexing questions on metastatic disease and will present their consensus

The conference will have Renowned National and International Faculty, Dedicated Round Table of Experts, Workshops on SRS in Brain Metastasis, Workshop on SBRT in Liver Metastasis, HIPEC/PIPAC, Peritonectomy workshop, Clinico-Pathology workshop on MUO, Interactions with international experts for post graduate students, Workshop for Physiotherapists on Rehabilitation of cancer patients and Cancer NGO Conference.



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