Study Shows Jackfruit Flour with Pegfilgrastim Prevents Post-chemo Leukopenia

Study Shows Jackfruit Flour with Pegfilgrastim Prevents Post-chemo Leukopenia

An interesting new study has found that the inclusion of green jackfruit flour as a dietary intervention prevents chemotherapy-induced leukopenia in patients undergoing chemotherapy along with Pegfilgrastim (Pegylated filgrastim).

Clinical study with Jackfruit365™ Flour at Renai Medicity Hospital has demonstrated prevention of leukopenia and common side effects of chemotherapy, according to Dr Thomas Varughese, Oncologist & Surgeon, HOD, Cancer Division, Renai Medicity Hospital. The finding has been revealed through publication of new peer-reviewed research in Biomolecules, a high-impact journal for research publications.

Previous research reports show only 43.6 per cent prevention of chemotoxicity with prophylactic use of Pegfilgrastim and majority of patients undergoing chemotherapy face adverse side effects like diarrhea, ulcers in mouth, respiratory complications like pneumonia, fatigue, electrolytic imbalance, etc.

This study at Renai Medicity Hospital in a real life clinical setting on 50 solid tumor patients over six chemo cycles have shown 100 per cent prevention of chemotoxicity when patients take 30g or three table spoons of Jackfruit365™ Green Jackfruit Flour per day along with their regular food prepared with rice flour/batter, wheat flour or oats from the first day of chemo till 21 st day, according to Dr Thomas Varughese.

Many patients having leukopenia necessitate usage of expensive antibiotics and anti-fungal treatments in addition to daily administration of filgrastim, to stimulate the bone marrow to produce adequate quantity of white blood corpuscles (WBC) which forms our defense mechanism against infections. 

The group of 50 patients who were studied, followed the standard protocol of being administered Pegfilgrastim 6mg, after 24 hours of chemotherapy. They also took 30 grams, or three tablespoons, of Jackfruit365™ Green Jackfruit Flour per day along with their regular food prepared with rice flour/batter, wheat flour or oats from the first day of chemo till the 21 st day in all the six cycles or more as per the standard.

It was found that none of them had leukopenia in any of the six cycles of chemotherapy. Since there was no leukopenia, all additional costs were saved, and there were no dropouts or dose reduction or rescheduling, which would ultimately improve cure rates and 5-year survivals.

“When my father underwent chemotherapy, he had severe mouth ulcers and he developed respiratory issues, fungal infections in the mouth and throat, and fever. From the third chemo onwards my father started taking Jackfruit365 flour 30g per day along with food from the first day of chemo as advised by Dr Thomas Varughese till completion of six cycles. In all subsequent cycles he never got any of the side effects or got hospitalized” says Vibin V, whose 62-year-old father underwent chemotherapy for gastro esophageal junction cancer.

Salvy T, a breast cancer patient has a similar experience to narrate about mouth ulcers that she had, which were brought under control after using Jackfruit365 flour, three spoons per day.

“This study is a breakthrough, after the invention of Pegfilgrastim in 2002, in preventing chemotoxicity and improving quality of life of cancer patients, that too using a local natural plant food. The impact of these results on the global scenario will be recruitment of more patients, who due to toxicity, fail to complete ideal treatments as well as those who refuse chemotherapy due to the fear of developing leukopenia. The cost effectiveness in preventing leukopenia when translated into money saved globally, will be in billions”, according to Dr Thomas Varughese.
According to him, complete avoidance of leukopenia, greatly enhances the quality of life of treating doctors and staff as well, since they need not waste precious hours for treating complications of chemotherapy. Jackfruit365™ Green Jackfruit Flour has been developed by Jackfruit365, owned by God’s Own Food Solutions Private Ltd, a Startup India recognized initiative founded by James Joseph and marketed by Eastern Condiments Pvt Ltd. It is available across 5,000 retail outlets in India and Middle East and online through Amazon and BigBasket.



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