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Is sex the cause of cervical cancer? Study throws light

Cervical cancer occurs due to human papillomavirus (HPV) generally transmitted through sexual contact. Then is it possible for a person to develop cervical cancer if… Read more..

Omicron less likely to lead to long Covid, says UK study

A new peer-reviewed study from the United Kingdom published in The Lancet Journal has found that the Omicron variant of Coronavirus is less likely to… Read more..

HealthTech Summit on Friday to explore new tech avenues

Experts from across the country are to converge in Kochi on Friday (June 24) to discuss the latest trends and innovations in health technology, as… Read more..

Aster’s 550-bed hospital to come up at Kerala Capital

The Aster DM Healthcare is setting up its 7th hospital in Kerala at Thiruvananthapuram, the first phase of which having 350 beds will become operational… Read more..

Is Gender-based Ban on Blood Donation Needed?

An 18-year-old young girl or a boy who is fully eligible to donate blood in India may technically be denied if self-identified as a transgender,… Read more..

Close to 40% of Indians suffer from non-alcoholic fatty liver

It may be affecting 25-30% of the world population, but non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) has a greater bearing on India with close to 40%… Read more..

Why not all obese people are diabetic

There are a lot of people who are fat and obese and eat too much fat and sugar while engaging in limited exercises or walking… Read more..

Saving a life in 17 hours

The sterling mettle of Kerala’s public healthcare sector was on full view a few weeks ago when dangerous growth of a tumour called sacral chordoma… Read more..

Snack Your Way to a Healthy Lifestyle

We are hopefully at the end of a long dark tunnel. With the rollout of the Covid-19 vaccines, the whole world is breathing a collective… Read more..

‘Healthy sleep habits associated with lower risk of heart failure’

Adults with healthy sleep patterns had a 42 per cent lower risk of heart failure regardless of other factors when compared to those with unhealthy… Read more..

‘Streamline organ donation and transplantation’

Kochi: Noting that India’s organ donation rate is among the lowest in the world, experts have called for coordinated efforts of the country’s health sector… Read more..

Five tips on how to live with novel coronavirus

New Delhi: After strictly implementing the lockdown measures, many countries like India are gradually easing restrictions and reopening their economies. However, with vaccine still months away,… Read more..