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‘Streamline organ donation and transplantation’

Kochi: Noting that India’s organ donation rate is among the lowest in the world, experts have called for coordinated efforts of the country’s health sector… Read more..

Five tips on how to live with novel coronavirus

New Delhi: After strictly implementing the lockdown measures, many countries like India are gradually easing restrictions and reopening their economies. However, with vaccine still months away,… Read more..

Covid-19: Startup ties up with UN for multipurpose decontamination device

Kochi: A startup based in the South Indian state of Kerala has come up with an agile multipurpose decontamination device that can sanitize items ranging… Read more..

‘Portable saliva test could detect Covid-19 in 60 seconds’

New York: Rapid testing is the norm for containing the novel coronavirus spread. However, the traditional Covid-19 testing involves mild invasive swab collection and the… Read more..

'Covid-19 may have devastating effects on Central Nervous System'

New Delhi: Scientists at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Jodhpur, have explored the neuro-invasive nature of novel coronavirus highlighting that loss of smell and… Read more..

HMT comes up with disinfection walkways

The threat being posed by Covid-19 will last for some time even after the governments manage to flatten the curve. This calls for novel measures… Read more..

Covid-19 transmission from mother to baby during pregnancy probable: ICMR

New Delhi: While pregnant women don’t appear more likely to contract coronavirus infection than others, transmission of the virus disease from mother to baby during… Read more..

ArogyaSetu, how the coronavirus tracking app works

New Delhi: AarogyaSetu, a location-based coronavirus tracking app launched by the Government of India, enables public to asses themselves the risk of catching the deadly… Read more..

Lost sense of smell may give clue about coronavirus infection

London: A loss of sense of smell could be one of the telltale signs of Covid-19, various doctor groups have suggested while exhorting such people… Read more..

Covid-19 fight: what individuals should do at home

The deadly Covid-19 is assuming large proportions with each passing day in countries like India, making self-quarantine by every individual the need of the hour… Read more..

Home grown companies to make available cheaper, faster COVID-19 testing kits

Kochi: With India making all out efforts to prevent community transmission of deadly novel coronavirus, its home-grown companies have joined in the efforts by promising… Read more..

Break The Chain ‘mantra’ to contain virus spread

Kochi: With the battle against novel coronavirus entering a decisive phase, the South Indian state of Kerala has initiated an innovative ‘Break The Chain’ campaign… Read more..