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Tips for elderly people travelling abroad

A greater life expectancy, better health in old age and increasing affluence have given elderly people more time and opportunity to travel or visit...

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Heart tissue grown on spinach leaves

  In this sequence, a spinach leaf is stripped of its plant cells, a process called decellularization, using a detergent. The process leaves behind the...

Weight-bearing exercises good for men’s bones

  Osteoporosis affects more than 200 million people worldwide and is a serious public health concern, according to the National Osteoporosis Foundation. Now, Pamela Hinton,...

First patient cured of rare blood disorder

  David Levy, shown here with his sister, is the first adult patient cured of CDA. Credit: David Levy/ Science Daily   Using a technique that avoids the...

Can we avoid unnecessary coronary stents?

  Physician researchers at Thomas Jefferson University suspect that some cases of coronary artery spasm go unrecognised and are incorrectly treated with stents. The good...


International Travel: Tips for Staying Healthy

Traveling can increase your chances of getting sick. A long flight can increase your risk for deep vein thrombosis. Once you arrive, it takes...

Air travel health tips