New report suggests India’s healthcare sector is the best place to invest in

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In a first, 10-year-old saved through ECMO treatment at SAT Hospital

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'Government should regulate medical tourists’ access to healthcare facilities in India'

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India third fastest-growing medical tourism market with a CAGR of 13.20%

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Japan medical team visits Kozhikode hospital to study treatment success against Nipah on nine-year-old

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AI-backed eye scans detect signs of Parkinson’s disease years before diagnosis

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Ajman seeks to be a leading destination for medical tourism

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Quality Care takes over KIMS, becomes fourth-largest hospital group

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Cancer treatment costing 90 percent less gets approval

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Asia's first bloodless heart transplant successfully performed at Ahmedabad hospital

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Why dental implant tourism is thriving in India

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104-year-old Saudi national gets both knees replaced in Mumbai hospital

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