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Tomato Extracts Can Fight Stomach Cancer: Study

LONDON:Tomato extracts can inhibit the growth and malignant cloning of stomach cancer cells, according to a new study that paves the way for novel therapies… Read more..

Middle-aged tooth loss linked to increased coronary heart disease risk

Losing two or more teeth during middle age is associated with increased cardiovascular disease risk. Having fewer natural teeth by middle age is linked to… Read more..

How obesity dulls the sense of taste

Previous studies have indicated that weight gain can reduce one's sensitivity to the taste of food. Now a new study shows that inflammation, driven by… Read more..

Standing room only at work

The promotion of active work stations, such as standing desks and even treadmills in the office has been promoted by manufacturers recently with claims of… Read more..

Watching others makes people overconfident in their own abilities

Watching YouTube videos, Instagram demos, and Facebook tutorials may make us feel as though we're acquiring all sorts of new skills but it probably won't… Read more..

Holding hands can sync brainwaves, ease pain, study shows

A new study by a pain researcher shows that when a romantic partner holds hands with a partner in pain, their brain waves sync and… Read more..

Money only buys happiness for a certain amount

There is an optimal point to how much money it takes to make an individual happy, and that amount varies worldwide, according to new research."That… Read more..

Does dim light make us Dim?

Spending too much time in dimly lit rooms and offices may actually change the brain's structure and hurt one's ability to remember and learn, indicates… Read more..

In wine, there's health: Low levels of alcohol good for the brain

While a couple of glasses of wine can help clear the mind after a busy day, new research shows that it may actually help clean… Read more..

Curcumin improves memory and mood

Twice-daily supplements boosted cognitive power over 18 months.Daily consumption of a certain form of curcumin -- the substance that gives Indian curry its bright color… Read more..

Onion compound suppresses ovarian cancer cell proliferation

A new study reveals that a compound found in onions has anti-ovarian cancer effects. The research comes from Kumamoto University in Japan and is published… Read more..

Zika virus may spread into Europe

Zika virus may spread into Europe this summer as the weather gets warmer, health officials have warned., says a report in The Independent.  It is said… Read more..