'Government should regulate medical tourists’ access to healthcare facilities in India'

'Government should regulate medical tourists’ access to healthcare facilities in India'

“Medical tourists arriving in India should not have unregulated access to any healthcare institution of their choice. Rather, these choices should be regulated and overseen by the government,” says Abrarali Dalal, Director and CEO of Sahyadri Hospitals, Pune, in an interview given to a leading media outlet.

“The government should meticulously guide patients to institutions depending on their capabilities of delivering the best clinical outcomes by offering a clear rationale for this recommendation along with a comprehensive list of medical experts practicing there,” says Mr Dalal. 

Though India stands on par with any other developed nation when it comes to facilities, expertise, and efficiency, a structured approach to medical tourism is lacking, according to Abrarali Dalal. 

“Intermediaries should be eliminated to ensure price regulation in the sector. Furthermore, organizing special flights to cities outside the major metros that have noteworthy healthcare facilities would facilitate medical value tourism.”

Mr Dalal also called for comprehensive steps to tackle the attrition rate among nurses. 

“The attrition rate among nurses is largely tied to the remuneration they receive. Middle Eastern and Western nations offer nurse salaries three to four times, or even more, higher than India,” says Abrarali Dalal. “Career progression opportunities in India are also less compared to other countries.”

To mitigate attrition, nurses should be presented with a clear and progressive career path spanning from ward nursing to intensive care unit (ICU) nursing, and operating room (OT) nursing, coupled with competitive compensation, says Mr Dalal. 



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