Ahmedabad sees a huge surge in 'medical tourists' ahead of the Ind-Pak WC match

Ahmedabad sees a huge surge in 'medical tourists' ahead of the Ind-Pak WC match

Medical tourism is a term used to describe the rapidly-growing practice of people traveling across borders to seek healthcare services. They become medical tourists to avail superior treatment facilities, to get treatments done at less cost, or to mix some pleasure into their treatment schedule. 

Now, Cricket fans have found a cheat code in the latter category and are posing as medical tourists to watch India-Pakistan 2023 ICC World Cup match on October 15, while getting 'full body checkups'. 

As per reports, private hospitals in Ahmedabad have been inundated with bookings from October 14 to October 16. The hospital bookings are being done by NRIs and people from other states who are visiting the city for the blockbuster match currently scheduled to happen at the Narendra Modi Stadium on October 15.

To assuage their passion, these 'medical tourists' are willing to cough up anywhere between Rs 3,000 to Rs 25,000 for an all-inclusive package of food and a full-body medical examination.

The twin-sharing hospital rooms allow for a patient and an attendant to stay together, making it a pocket-friendly alternative in the face of the extreme surge in hotel prices ahead of the Indo-Pak cricket match.

While unconventional and arguably even unethical, this trend does reveal the hidden potential of aligning medical tourism with high-profile sporting events. It is something that the government and private players in the field can exploit as a win-win situation for all involved. 



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