Bangla Medical Tourism Expo reveals tremendous scope for IVF, surgeries, Ayurveda

Bangla Medical Tourism Expo reveals tremendous scope for IVF, surgeries, Ayurveda

The second Bangla Medical Tourism Expo, which concluded last Saturday at ICCB Dhaka, got a tremendous response with 2,500+ trade professionals from hospitals, diagnostic labs, pharmaceuticals, research, and related sectors visiting the expo.

A huge crowd was witnessed in the IVF stalls, as well as in stalls highlighting various surgeries. The event also revealed the considerable interest that the people of Bangladesh have for India's traditional medicine systems, especially Ayurveda. The exhibition was co-organized by EEPC INDIA (Engineering Export Promotion Council of India) and E3 Solutions.

The expo acted as a specialized platform for the display of medical equipment, diagnostic products, bio-medical instruments, surgical equipment, hospital furniture, and many more related products. 

It was also a huge opportunity for major players in India's medical tourism sector to showcase cutting-edge technologies and the latest innovations in the field.  

Bangladesh is a vital market for India's Medical Tourism sector due to the proximity and the comparatively easy diplomatic relationship shared by the two countries. Over half of all medical tourists in India are from Bangladesh and the number has risen by 83 per cent in the last three years.

While Bangladesh has made significant strides in the healthcare sector, the country still faces a shortage of medical professionals, and it is still lagging when it comes to advanced treatments like liver and heart transplants. 

The Bangla Medical Tourism Expo is expected to lift the country's medical and laboratory industry by enabling potential chances for key collusions and associations to source items, innovations, and investigations of new markets, all in favor of India's medical sector. 



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