Egypt targets medical value tourism from Gulf, Africa

Egypt targets medical value tourism from Gulf, Africa

New Delhi, Sept 25: Chairman of the General Authority for Healthcare, Egypt, Ahmed al-Sobky has said that the entity works on creating a strong consortium of private and public hospitals that would fulfill the demand of African and Arab medical travelers, Egypt Today has reported.

In that context, Sobky instructed the authority's executive bureau of identifying the specializations needed by medical tourists in the region as well as the best doctors in the country, who can be part of the project. That is in addition to setting the prices of medical services to be offered in foreign currencies.

The authority's chairman also directed the launching of a Facebook page titled "We Take Care of You in Egypt" in order to provide potential customers with all the information they need, and answering their questions.

To promote the project, Sobky equally suggested holding a conference having representatives of both the public and private sectors to exchange views on the best practices to execute the project.

The official also underscored the importance of medical establishments that would be the members of the consortium, to obtain accreditation from TEMOS and the Joint Commission International (JCI) to ensure quality.

Egypt’s General Authority for Healthcare also recently announced the use of metaverse technology to promote medical tourism, offering customers all over the world a unique experience to visit health facilities, revitalizing tourism, and supporting the national economy.

Sobky announced the launch of “3D virtual reality” technology for the first time in Egypt to promote the authority’s project for medical tourism “We Take Care of You in Egypt.”




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