India joins France to better healthcare

India joins France to better healthcare

New Delhi, Dec 6: India and France are joining hands to better their healthcare sectors and a meeting was held recently in New Delhi to boost the partnership in this regard.

The Indo-French Healthcare Symposium 2022 was organised jointly by Business France, the Indo-French Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the French Institute in India, and French and Indian institutional partners and companies. 

The dialogue is taking place close on the heels of the splendid partnership between the two countries during the pandemic phase exchanging medical equipment chiefly. The roadmap ahead includes jointly innovating for the hospital of the future, better healthcare post-Covid and new synergies in research, training, and trade in the medical and pharmaceutical fields between both countries or third countries.

On the occasion, Emmanuel Lenain, Ambassador of France to India, invited Indian stakeholders to invest in France, as well as top-level talents, researchers, and medical students to come to France.

Speakers from renowned institutions were present at the event including Académie Nationale de Médicine, Proparco, CEFIPRA, AP-HP Sorbonne Université, ICMR, INSERM. French companies Biosynex, Careprod Technologies, Life Medical Control, 2PS Projection Plasma Styteme, Vygon, Sanofi, Essilor, Genestore, Peters Surgical and Virbac too participated. Business France is the national agency supporting the international development of the French economy.



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