Kerala's success story puts spotlight on domestic medical tourism

Kerala's success story puts spotlight on domestic medical tourism

Kerala has topped the country in domestic tourist arrivals by attracting 1,06,83,643 visitors in the first half of 2023. The state is known for its picturesque locations, serene backwaters, pristine beaches, and comforting hill stations. Adventure activities, trekking, and cost-effective amenities draw tourists to Kerala. 

Kerala is also famed for its Ayurveda-based wellness solutions, which carry significant appeal among medical value travelers in other parts of the country. Even if one does not have any pressing health issues, many opt to recharge their body and mind through the rejuvenation therapies offered by the over 120 premium resorts and wellness centers in the state.  

This is true especially during the monsoon period when the clientele of Ayurveda practitioners mainly consists of overseas Indians and domestic clients. The monsoon season is considered good because the cool and wet weather improves treatment efficiency. Visitors get to rejuvenate their minds and bodies by partaking in revitalizing massages, detoxification programs, and holistic healing practices.

It is estimated that the Ayurveda and wellness industry contributes to 70-80% of the state tourism sector’s foreign exchange revenue. The sector regularly witnesses a lot of inbound and domestic travelers. The arrival of VIPs like Congress leader Rahul Gandhi gave further impetus to the sector. 

The success story of Kerala as a domestic medical tourism destination through traditional medicine has prompted other states like Punjab and Rajasthan to make massive investments in the sector in a bid to attract medical value travelers with state-of-the-art resorts. 



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