Philippines marches ahead in health tourism

Philippines marches ahead in health tourism

New Delhi, Dec 10: The Philippines is promoting itself as a spa and wellness tourism destination and is attending overseas events to showcase the country in these segments. It boasts many resorts and spas, mindfulness programmes, yoga retreats, along with local ‘hilot massages’ and detox treatments.

According to the Medical Tourism Association (MTA) and the International Healthcare Research Center, the Philippines as a medical tourism destination, is ranked eighth among the top in the world. 

The Philippines sees 80,000 to 250,000 medical tourists annually from Sri Lanka, East Asia, the Gulf, Europe, North and South America, the Pacific Islands and Australia. Filipino workers and expatriates also travel back home to do medical procedures.

The Farm at San Benito is among well-positioned Filipino wellness care centres. Not very far from Manila, The Farm has invested in science-based, evidence-guided and medically supervised health programmes by medical doctors and licensed health professionals. The resort has onsite licensed medical professionals, nutritionists, spa-therapists, fitness coaches and yoga teachers.

Experts say the Philippines’ advantage is that many healthcare providers speak English. The country has also the ability to provide modern medical facilities, quality infrastructure, proximity to most of Asia’s major cities. A caring local community to help in total healing in mind, body and spirit, is among other advantages.



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