Surgery at KIMSHEALTH Kottayam Helps Old Woman with Shattered Shoulder

Surgery at KIMSHEALTH Kottayam Helps Old Woman with Shattered Shoulder

KIMSHEALTH Kottayam has given a new lease of life to a 65-year-old woman whose shoulder bones were shattered and arm muscles severed in a traumatic fall recently.

It was a few days back that the woman, following the fall, approached the Orthopaedic Department of KIMSHEALTH complaining of excruciating pain.

On examination it was found that her shoulder bones were splintered, muscles sheared off and the bone fragments were thrusting against her chest.

Since the Rotator Cuff muscles had completely come off the specialist doctor advised a Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty for the patient.

This was done after rearranging the bone fragments properly. Those undergoing this type of surgery will be able to move their limbs painlessly using the Deltoid Muscles. Moreover, to make movement easier, the ball and socket joint was fixed in a reverse mode.

Post-surgery and following physiotherapy, the patient has been extricated from pain and is now able to use her arms properly, said Dr Jefferson George, Senior Orthopaedic Consultant and Joint Replacement and Spine Surgeon, KIMSHEALTH Kottayam.

The hospital has been able to help many people suffering from Orthopaedic complaints through keyhole surgeries, spine surgeries and joint replacement surgeries, he added.



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