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'Regular exercise may reduce complications in Covid-19 patients

New York: Regular work-outs having long term effects on one’s immunity is well-known. Now a new study has found out that regular exercise may also… Read more..

Losing sleep in these uncertain times? Follow the tips

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Too much salt weakens immune system

Berlin: It’s a known fact that a high salt diet results in rise in blood pressure. But, too much salt intake also weakens the body’s… Read more..

Sex Education Before College Lowers Risk of Sexual Assault

WASHINGTON DC:Children should be exposed to sexuality education as a recent research found that students who receive sexuality education, including refusal skills training, before college… Read more..

Lifestyle Changes One Needs to Make to Avoid Diabetes

NEW DELHI:Diabetes is a chronic disease which has become very common nowadays. While lack of insulin and genetic history are among the factors, certain lifestyle… Read more..