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Kerala's success story puts spotlight on domestic medical tourism

Kerala has topped the country in domestic tourist arrivals by attracting 1,06,83,643 visitors in the first half of 2023. The state is known for its… Read more..

Quote Your Rate may take India's Medical Tourism to the next level

Quote Your Rate is a unique feature that enables customers to quote their preferred rate directly with the service provider. A gap exists in customer… Read more..

AI to make medical value travel easier and more efficient

A 2022 research study states that sectors throughout the travel and tourism industry will leverage AI to perform various administrative and customer-related tasks. In medical… Read more..

Tourism Ministry has formulated a roadmap to boost Medical Tourism, says minister

The Ministry of Tourism, in order to boost Medical Tourism in the country, has formulated a National Strategy and Roadmap for Medical and Wellness Tourism.… Read more..

Ayurveda centers see an influx of medical tourists

The Ayurveda centers in Kerala are booked to the brim as demand for traditional treatment is reaching a new high among the elite class. Prominent… Read more..

India major driving force behind global medical tourism growth: Report

The global medical tourism industry is experiencing a remarkable surge, and India has emerged as a key catalyst behind this exponential growth. A recent report… Read more..

Saudi Arabia aims to be Middle East's medical tourism hub

Saudi Arabia is aspiring to become a leading destination for medical tourism in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. Middle Eastern tourists account… Read more..

India's Thriving Intrabound Medical Tourism Industry

With its vast diversities in geography, demography, lifestyle, and population density, India as a country is as varied as an entire continent. Therefore travel for… Read more..

Experts Suggest Enhancing Post-Operative Care to Boost India's Medical Tourism Potential

At a recent Wellness & Medical Value Tourism Conclave organized by the Indian Chambers of Commerce (IMC) in Mumbai, industry experts emphasized the need for… Read more..

Hospital-Hotels: The Way Forward for India's Medical Tourism

According to the India Hospitality Industry Overview 2022 report by HVS Anarock, the future of the medical tourism industry lies in the development of dedicated… Read more..

India's travel and tourism sector is to be worth Rs 37L Cr in the next 10 years.

India's travel and tourism sector is set to make an astonishing contribution of nearly Rs 37 trillion to the country's economy over the next decade,… Read more..

Advanced e-gate system introduced at Thiruvananthapuram International Airport

In yet another measure aimed at making the Thiruvananthapuram International Airport traveller-friendly, the airport management has introduced an advanced e-gate system to ensure that passengers… Read more..